Sensible Solutions

Sensible Solutions

Ohio is one of 17 states where more people die from guns than motor vehicles.


Gun violence is a critical public health issue.


It’s time we started treating it like one.


Ohio must stop gun sales to criminals:

  • Close loopholes that allow 40% of guns purchased in Ohio to be from unlicensed dealers, without the instant background checks required by the Brady Law.
  • Pass a one-gun-a-month law to prevent the illegal practice of secondary gun sales to criminals.
  • Mandate the registration of all handguns: handguns are used in 3/4 of firearm deaths and the public overwhelmingly supports handgun licensing and registration.

Read more on stopping gun sales to criminals.

Ohio must start protecting its citizens:

  • Keep guns out of the hands of children with a juvenile possession law.
  • Ban Assault Weapons useful only for criminals, including “cop-killer” bullets and high-capacity clips.
  • Encourage safe storage of guns, including passing a childproof gun law.
  • Regulate the unpopular “concealed carry” law that allows Ohioans to carry loaded, hidden guns.

Ohio Does NOT Have these safety laws:

  • Juvenile possession law
  • Child access prevention (CAP) law
  • Record of sale law
  • Registration law
  • Licensing / permit to purchase law
  • State ban on assault weapons
  • One-gun-a-month law
  • Mandatory waiting period to purchase
  • Ballistics law
  • Childproof gun law
  • Background checks on private sales

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