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Books Not Bullets

Books Not Bullets

Keep Guns Out of Schools. Your school board needs to hear from you. It is legal for them to arm teachers without telling you.


Did you know your local school board has the authority to secretly arm teachers? That’s right. They can authorize teachers to carry weapons, but don’t have to tell you about it. Some school districts have already acted in misguided attempt to “protect” students by arming teachers.

Who is behind this? The gun lobby and their allied groups are working to influence decision makers in school districts across Ohio. The gun manufacturers they represent want more people armed, even if that means introducing their deadly weapons into our schools.

Are there alternatives to arming teachers? School shootings are unimaginable tragedies, but they are still statistically very rare.  In fact, our children are safer at school than they are at home in regards to gun violence.  If our school districts want to protect our kids from gun violence, we recommend they focus on prevention. Our schools should remind adults to keep guns unloaded, locked up, and stored away from our youth. In the majority of school shootings, the shooter got the weapon from their home or the home of a family member.

What can I do? Your voice can make a difference. Attend your local school board meeting and let them know you don’t support guns in schools!

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