Register for “A Conversation with John Woodrow Cox: Children Under Fire” webinar

Jun 09 2021

OCAGV shares the following information on an upcoming free webinar, “A Conversation with John Woodrow Cox: Children Under Fire” on Tuesday, June 15 at 1:00…

Guns are the problem

Jun 04 2021

CNN reports a “23% uptick in deaths from gun violence this year.” You can read the full story, “The US has a problem with guns,”…

An estimated 550,000 Americans were put in hospital from gun injuries during 2000 to 2016, according to study

May 05 2021

Study conducted by Rand Corp. also indicates annual related health-care spending of $2.8 billion

Seven in Ten Americans say Gun Violence and Mass Shootings are a Crisis or Major Issue

May 03 2021

A recent study states that “Even among gun owners, 58% say it is a ‘crisis’ or ‘major issue’; among non-gun owners, 77% say the same.”

The Biden-Harris administration announce their steps to address the Gun Violence Public Health Epidemic

Apr 09 2021

Six initial actions are planned, many of which will be in place within 30 to 60 days, according to this report.

Federal Appeals Court Rules that States can Restrict Open Carry of Firearms

Mar 25 2021

Judges on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 7-4, with one judge writing “There is no right to carry arms openly in public;…

H.R. 8 & H.R. 1446 pass Congress and are now in the U.S. Senate

Mar 19 2021

Urge Sen. Rob Portman to vote Yes! See below to learn how Ohio’s representatives to the U.S. Congress voted for H.R. 8 (Private Gun Sales)…

8 Killed, 10 Injured by Guns in Ohio in the Last Week!

Feb 12 2021

It’s been a brutal week of gun violence in Ohio with eight dead and ten injured: A 14-year-old Columbus boy died in a shooting near…

SUPGV Tackles Child Gun Safety During the Pandemic

Jan 28 2021

You think your child doesn’t know? This video of a child with a gun is a simulated reenactment of a very real problem – easy…

Recent Study Indicates Significant Increase in Suicide Deaths Among Children & Adolescents

Jan 26 2021

A research study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital indicates a significant increase in suicide deaths among children and adolescents by firearm and other causes. Learn more…

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