An Ohio columnist’s editorial: Passage of gun bills misses the mark when it comes to Ohio’s priorities

Nov 29 2021

In a recent column, Tom Suddes writes about House Bills 227 and 99, both of which were introduced in the Ohio Senate last week: Whatever…

Study shows gun-related deaths among youth living in high-poverty counties is 4 times higher than other areas

Nov 29 2021

The study author, Dr. Jefferson Barrett, hopes that these findings will bring about new ways to address gun violence. “The hope is that pediatricians, public…

Latest Segments of ABC’s “Rethinking Gun Violence” Focus on Other Ways Gun Violence Impacts our Country

Nov 05 2021

The financial impact of gun violence in America is $280 billion annually, from hospital bills to lost wages to lost productivity. Furthermore, researchers estimate that…

Biden Administration Takes Steps to Prevent Suicide, Including by Promoting Safe Storage of Firearms

Nov 02 2021

A statement issued today by the White House addresses suicide by gun, stating that firearms account for two-thirds of all suicide deaths in the U.S….

America has a gun violence problem: the continuation

Oct 28 2021

The type of gun used in most U.S. homicides is not an AR-15, ABC News reports.

America has a gun violence problem. What do we do about it?

Oct 25 2021

ABC News continues its series, Rethinking Gun Violence, with this latest report in which it is said about gun violence: It’s a state of affairs…

PEW Charitable Trust on Red Flag Laws Are Saving Lives

Oct 15 2021

A handful of states have Red Flag laws. Ohio is not one of them. Read more about what they are and how they work.

The difference between firearm homicides and suicides in the U.S. compared to other countries

Oct 07 2021

The Trace, known for investigating and reporting on gun violence in America, explored this issue upon a reader request recently. Findings indicate that although the…

Ohio among several states with more than a 35% increase in homicides during 2020

Sep 28 2021

Crime statistics released by the FBI early this week state there were over 17,800 homicides in 2020 — the highest number in over 25 years….

CAP report attributes Wisconsin’s dramatic increase in gun-related violence to Concealed Carry

Sep 02 2021

The Center for American Progress explores a Wisconsin law from 2011 that allowed concealed carry with a permit from the state — and minimal eligibility…

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