HR8 Background Check Vote

HR8 Background Check Vote


Last week the U.S.House of Representatives sent bills on background checks to the full house for votes that are expected next week.

Now is the time to call your U.S. Representative. 

Ask them to vote for H.R.8 and H.R. 1112   or call 202.225.3121 – the operator will connect you to your Representative.

Let your congressman/woman know you want and expect them to vote for the H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112

H.R. 8 will expand Brady Backgound Checks to cover all private firearm sales, including those at gun shows, over the internet, or in classified ads.

Why do we need it?

Because background checks stop felons, those with mental illness that have been determined by a judge to be prohibited and people convicted of domestic violence from purchasing firearms.

Because today it is legal to sell guns without those backgound checks through private sales. It is common practice for people that know they could not pass a background check if they tried to purchase from a licensed dealer that they can accomplish it by skirting the system at gun shows, on the internet, even at garage sales and on the streets.

Background checks have proven over the years to reduce gun homicides and suicides. It is overdue to make sure the checks apply to everyone and not just those buying from a Federal Firearm Licensed dealer that is required to do them.

This is the time for all of us to let our congressman/woman know we want and expect them to vote for the bill -probably next week.

H.R. 1112 gives the FBI more time to complete the background check. Currently the FBI needs to inform a dealer that a purchase would not be lawful within three days or the dealer can proceed with the sale (known as default sales). H.R. 1112 would extend that time to 10 days if needed. This would not affect most buyers because an estimated 96% of background checks are completed and approved within the three days and most are an instant approval.

These bills are about prevention. They will save lives.

Now is your time to call your U.S. Representative. 

Ask them to vote for H.R.8 and H.R. 1112   or call 202.225.3121 – the operator will connect you to your Representative.

Do you live in these disticts ? If so please call asap.

Rep Mike Turner   District 10th   202.225.6465     email   [email protected] 

Rep David Joyce   District 14    202.225.5731      email   [email protected]gov   

Help make this happen !


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