Father Marty Donnelly

Father Marty Donnelly

Father Marty,  friend and founding member of OCAGV,  died on January 27th, 2019.

In 1995 he brought the community together because of his concern for our young people. He was a leader and example of non-violence. When he called the first meeting to address guns and violence in Toledo it was the begining of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. He testified in Columbus, led press conferences, met with legislators and government officials, preached on gun violence and asked other faith leaders to join him. He continued to bring people and groups together to work together to prevent gun violence and his encouragement was constant and priceless.  Fr. Marty will always be known in the Toledo area for his unwavering dedication to social justice.  We will remember him with thankfulness for his actions to save lives by bringing us together to start OCAGV.




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