Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

House Bill 228 – Stand Your Ground, preemption, reduced penalties….

House Bill 228 passed the House in Ohio on 11-14-18.

Many legislators gave speeches opposing the bill.  The sponsors and Speaker did not entertain any of their objections or amendments and called for a vote. It passed. Thank you to each of the representatives that spoke to defeat the bill.

Click here to see how your Representative voted.  Now the bill moves to the Ohio Senate.

Governor Kasich has promised to veto this bill but the Assembly can and has threatened to override his veto.

You are the most important voice in Ohio. Please call your Senators, they are debating how to proceed on this controversial bill. They have had hearings on their own bill that is similar but now they also have the House bill referred to them for a vote.

It is important to your family that HB228 does not become Ohio law.

In Ohio everyone has a right to defend themselves but this bill removes the ‘duty’ to retreat and allows lethal force to be used if someone ‘feels’ threatened.

Studies have shown that gun deaths increase after this kind of law is passed. This one was done recently and it shows the results of the Stand Your Ground law in Florida.

Chelsea Parsons and Eugenio Weigend Vargas Center for American Progress

Please call your Senator, he or she represents you. 

We need to stop this bill from becoming law in Ohio!

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