Ohio Coalition
Against Gun Violence

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Ohio Coalition
Against Gun Violence

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The Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence and the Ohio Council of Churches

OCAGV has dedicated our efforts to changing the culture to one of non-violence in a climate that has normalized guns and killings. We saw the need to ensure continued efforts to carry on our strong voice and focus on reducing gun violence in Ohio. The Ohio Council of Churches is an organization committed to unity, justice and peace. The beliefs, passion and compassion of both organizations will continue to serve Ohioans and help assure their safety from gun violence in all forms – homicides, suicides or unintentional shootings.

The Ohio Council of Churches is now leading the efforts to educate and create awareness in Ohio to reduce gun violence by continuing to promote non-violence and facilitate and advocate for solutions that serve all Ohioans. Please continue to work for gun violence prevention in your lives and thank you for your years of support of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence.

The Ohio Council of Churches can be reached at info@ohcouncilchs.org or 614.372.8010.

The gun violence prevention information can be found on their webpage: https://www.ohcouncilchs.org/gunviolenceprevention

Donations to prevent gun violence can be made on their website, https://www.ohcouncilchs.org/ or sent to them at 125 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.


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Read the latest updates on gun violence prevention at the local, state, and national level. Find out what our lawmakers are doing.


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There is hope and it begins with you. Become an activist, learn about gun violence and educate others!

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