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Culture of Peace

Culture of Peace

Promote a culture of peace in your business or office.

If your business lacks a weapon free zone sign, you should know that Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence provides these signs as a free community service.

What’s a weapon free zone sign? These signs, most often posted next to no-smoking signs or other public health notices, prohibit the carrying of deadly weapons by non-law enforcement.

I know some small businesses post these, but what about big chains? By placing the sign on your store’s door or window, you would be joining the ranks of national businesses who have chosen to enact weapon free policies including: Chili’s, Sonic, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Ikea, AMC Theaters, Uber, California Pizza Kitchen, Buffalo Wild Wings, TOMS, Levi’s, and Disney World.

What is Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence? Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence is a statewide non-profit working to prevent gun violence through education, advocacy, and public awareness. Distributing these signs helps fulfill our mission.

5 Common Sense Reasons to Post a Weapon Free Zone Sign

❶ You’ll create an additional zone of peace for the 95% of Ohioans who choose not to carry concealed handguns. Under current law, civilians may carry these hidden, loaded weapons with as little as 8 hours of training under Ohio law.
❷ In addition to hidden, loaded weapons, you’ll be stopping the irresponsible open carrying of firearms by civilians on your premises. That’s right! It’s totally legal to carry a weapon openly in most Ohio businesses.
❸ By keeping weapons out, you’ll be reducing the chance of an unintentional shooting or other injury on your premises.
❹ By posting the sign, you’ll be letting your customers know that your business does not promote or condone violence.
❺ You’ll support your community by showing solidarity with other businesses who prohibit weapons.

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