Virtual Lobby Day Against Gun Violence: 11.29.2016

Mark your calendar for Virtual Lobby Day (VLD) Against Gun Violence, Tuesday, November 29. Your voice has been vital in pushing back against gun lobby legislation so far -- but the Lame Duck session is in full force -- and we need to speak up now more than ever.

On VLD individuals and organizations from across Ohio are joining OCAGV to “gather” online in a coordinated phone, email, and social media campaign to urge the General Assembly to oppose the Guns Everywhere bill, HB 48, and other nasty gun lobby bills in the Lame Duck Session. Are you in?

The Guns Everywhere bill would do nothing to make Ohioans safer and would put hidden, loaded guns in places they don't belong - like our child care centers, airport terminals, public areas of police stations, private aircraft - and open the door to campus carry and guns in local government buildings. On VLD, we'll push back against the gun lobby and bring the voices of folks from all corners of Ohio who care about gun violence prevention to the Statehouse. The VLD this spring was a huge success, but we need to be even louder now!

We'll provide you with all the tools you need to make an impact, but your voice is necessary! Let us know we can count you in at


Jennifer Thorne, Executive Director
Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence


If you are on Facebook, sign up for the event and invite friends there as well!