October, United: Culture Change in Action


October - Culture Change in Action

This October, we saw culture change in action at the Guns to Gardens event in Toledo where a gun was transformed into a garden tool. Special thanks to Raw Tools, Toledo Mennonite Church, University Church of Toledo and all the amazing partners and individuals who made this event a success.

You can check out some of the news coverage of the event from the Toledo Blade and WTOL.

The story behind the gun used in the demonstration is a special one to our organization. Dale Stone was shot and killed in 1973 during a store robbery in Toledo. A shotgun belonging to Dale was acquired by a coworker at the time. Dale's widow, Toby Hoover (founder of OCAGV), asked for its return to donate to this event so it could be forged into a tool to create life and peace.

Tragically, the impact of gun violence on our communities didn't take a break this weekend. As we were setting up for this event where children used the newly forged garden tool to plant a tree - across town - a three-year-old child was shot and killed by a seven-year-old in an unintentional home shooting.

The lives of these children, and all the victims and survivors of gun violence are why we continue to be committed to honoring with action through genuine grassroots efforts.


Julia C. Wyman

Jennifer Thorne, Executive Director - Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence

P.S. We've gotten such an awesome response to our Picture Peace youth art contest that we've decided to extend the deadline to December 1st to allow even more kids to participate. Visit www.ohioceasefire.org/picturepeace for all the details!

October State Spotlights - Highlights from across the U.S.

In a huge victory, Ceasefire Pennsylvania stalled the gun lobby's "Special Standing/Sue Our Cities" bill. The gun lobby had claimed this was a done deal -- they boasted that they would be able to pass this through both houses with veto-proof majorities -- but the grassroots gun violence prevention effort won in the end! 

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence took a hunting rifle once owned by a Toledo murder victim and transformed it into a community garden tool at their creative #GunsToGardens event! [http://bit.ly/2efKHlj]

In honor of Suicide Prevention Month in September, Women Against Gun Violence brought together researchers, inventors, experts and legislators for the first ever Firearm Suicide Summit in Los Angeles. [http://bit.ly/2dEMyxz]

Alongside Moms Demand Action & Brady Campaign, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence led hundreds of people in a march for gun reform at the 4th Annual Walk For Gun Sense in Poughkeepsie! [http://pojonews.co/2fxGNpQ]

Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, Executive Director of our affiliate Protect Minnesota, was featured to address sensible gun laws and gun violence at a League of Women Voters event in Bloomington. [http://bit.ly/2eUTk2N]

Texas Gun Sense reports that Texas legislators have said they intend to file bills to close the gun show loophole, restrict open carry to cities of 250,000 or more, and to repeal campus carry during the 2017 legislative session.

Spearheaded by the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, the chair of Michigan Gun Violence Prevention Caucus, State Representative Robert Wittenberg (D-Oak Park), and other caucus members, have introduced legislation as part of a package of bills that would reduce gun violence in Michigan. 

Amanda Gailey, President of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, talks the importance of stronger gun laws (on both the state and federal level) within the context of the 2016 Election. [http://bit.ly/2fxI2p1]

The Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah hosted a Utah Gun Safety Coalition dinner and invited community stakeholders and the House Minority Leader of the Utah Legislature to begin planning for the upcoming legislative session. This coalition will meet quarterly moving forward to identify and work together on key issues of gun violence that affect constituents. 

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence worked with students at 8 different schools to create Day of The Dead altars in honor of all the children shot and killed in New Mexico as part of this years Student Pledge Against Gun Violence, and NMPGV also planted a garden at Santa Fe High school in honor of gun violence victims. [http://bit.ly/2fasm6J]

#GrassrootsGVP - Tweets from our network

@WAGV: TODAY 10:30am in Irvine CA: Die-In @RepMimiWalters office to demand a vote in honor of 33K annual victims of gun violence! #GrassrootsGVP 

@SUPGVNetwork: State Spotlight: NM! @NMPGVnow works with @SFPSdistrict students to create a garden dedicated to children shot in New Mexico. #GrassrootsGVP

@ohioceasefireWe're kicking the forging off soon with @RAWtools at  the #GunsToGardens Event in Toledo! #GrassrootsGVP 

@stophandguns124,608 Americans shot since Sandy Hook. #GrassrootsGVP