Guns In Public

Guns in Public: Facebook Murder Victim's Killer Had Valid Concealed Carry Permit. The murderer of Robert Godwin, Sr. was found dead in Pennsylvania this week of an apparent suicide by firearm. Robert was shot and killed on Easter Sunday in Cleveland by a stranger with a valid concealed carry permit who shared video of the event via Facebook live. Meanwhile back in Ohio, concealed carry proponent Rep. Rutherford who apparently passed out from drinking in a McDonald's drive-thru with his loaded gun next to him was not indicted on a felony weapons charge, meaning he will likely keep his job in the statehouse. It's incredibly important that we stay vigilant and speak out against any additional proposals to expand guns in our public spaces.

April 28 in Atlanta -- Resistance Events Planned at Gun Lobby's Annual Meeting. The corporate gun lobby has self-styled itself the "counter-resistance." Unfortunately for them, the vast majority of Americans support common sense gun laws and the president they helped elect has dismal approval ratings. At the gun lobby annual meeting, gun violence prevention supporters are planning a "die-in" and press conference. Here in Ohio, we will be providing virtual backup on social media in solidarity with our allies in Atlanta centered around #DisarmHate. Click here for more information about the resistance events and stay tuned for how you can support the events from Ohio.

Federally Mandated Concealed Carry Threatens Public Safety. If the corporate gun lobby has their way, Congress will pass a new bill that would force each state to recognize the concealed carry permits from all 50 states. Keep in mind that the corporate gun lobby spent $50 million electing Trump and their allies in this Congress. We'll let you know when your voice will make the most difference on this legislation, as well as in the bills we are tracking here in Ohio. For a list of Ohio bills for this session visit

The Dangerous Intersections of Intimate Partner Violence, Guns, and Black Women's Lives. After the shooting at the elementary school in San Bernadino, California, television media ignored the incidents connections to intimate partner violence, gun access and their impacts on the lives of black women. This kind of erasure can lead to acceptance and normalization of violence against women, and women of color. Learn more here.