The Corporate Gun Lobby's Supreme Court Justice

Corporate Gun Lobby Allies Threaten to "Go Nuclear" on Gorsuch Confirmation. Opponents of the nominee who will be a rubber-stamp for Trump have pledged to filibuster his nomination on the floor of the US Senate. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other gun lobby allies are threatening to use the "nuclear option," meaning they will change the rules of the US Senate to push through the gun lobby approved nominee. Tell the US Senate that changing the rules for Trump and the gun lobby is unacceptable. Click here to take action.

The Corporate Gun Lobby is Spending "Bigly" to Confirm Gorsuch. After spending $30 million to buy a presidency, the corporate gun lobby is spending millions more to bully vulnerable US Senators into supporting their nominee. It's up to anyone concerned about public safety and a host of progressive issues to take a stand and tell the US Senate to #StopGorsuch to #StopTheNRA.  Click here to watch and share the video urging calls to the US Senate.

RED FLAG - Gorsuch Uses Gun Lobby Approved Language in Hearings. Gorsuch has a history of siding with corporations and doesn't mind keeping guns in the hands of prohibited purchasers. When you consider his record and his strong endorsement by the corporate gun lobby, the way he answered questions regarding gun laws during his nomination hearing is particularly disturbing. Learn more here.

Protecting Strong Gun Laws: Why Courts Matter for Gun Violence Prevention. When strong gun laws are challenged in courts, the gun lobby loses. But now, the corporate gun lobby seems convinced that Gorsuch could be a game changer if he is confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court and help them expand "gun rights" to include guns in public spaces. Read more here.