The Corporate Gun Lobby's Federal Agenda

Trump and allies push to repeal Gun-Free Schools Zones Act of 1990. Remember when Betsy DeVos was still just Trump's nominee for Education Secretary and she claimed teachers needed guns to defend against grizzly bears? Well, now with H.R.34, Trump and his allies in Congress are pushing to repeal the common-sense law that makes school zones off-limits for civilians carrying guns. While school districts in Ohio can already authorize individuals to carry hidden, loaded guns in schools and guns are now allowed in cars in school safety zones, the repeal of this regulation would have a huge impact on our state. We're closely tracking this dangerous legislation and will let you know when to take action. 

Move to force states to recognize CHLs from all 50 states, regardless of local laws. Federally Mandated Concealed Carry would override state laws on who can carry a hidden, loaded handguns in public and would require every state to recognize every other state’s permits for hidden, loaded handguns in public -- including states that have weak or almost nonexistent safety requirements. This means we could have someone like George Zimmerman, who was licensed to carry in Florida when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, legally carrying a hidden, loaded handgun anywhere in America! Take action now.

Deadly Silence: the corporate gun lobby pushes to deregulate firearm "suppressors."H.R. 367/S.59 would allow gunfire "suppressors" - gun lobby code speak for silencers - to be deregulated and be sold to the general public without regard to the dangers posed by these devices. Guns should be loud, and their sound recognizable. The corporate gun lobby claims they only want to "protect the hearing" of gun owners, but this is really a transparent effort to increase the bottom line of the gun accessory industry. We'll let you know when this starts to move so you can make sure your elected officials know where you stand.

U.S. House voted to end system that protects high-risk veterans from gun violence. 20 U.S. veterans die from suicide every day. And more than two-thirds use a gun. Our veterans in crisis need access to the health care -- not deadly weapons. H.R.1181 has passed the U.S. House and will likely move to the U.S. Senate in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for our action alert for when your voice will make the most impact.