05.25.17 Ohio Legislative Update


As we wrap up the first 5 months of the 2017-2018 legislative session, I wanted to give you a quick run-down of the gun violence related bills in the Ohio Statehouse.

Good news: Our legislative allies in the Ohio Legislature have introduced bills to expand background checks (HB151), protect children from unsecured guns in the home (HB33), and keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers (SB150). Their courageous work to stand up for common sense gun laws in our state is truly inspiring.

Not-so-good news: This week gun violence prevention advocates had our first chance this session to testify on a gun violence related bill in the Ohio Legislature. HB142, the "surprise gun bill" would remove the requirement that concealed handgun license holders notify law enforcement they are carrying a gun when they are stopped.

This is yet another gun lobby attempt to normalize guns in public spaces while increasing the secrecy of hidden, loaded guns and shift the burden of responsibility from those who carry in public. In fact, the NRA actually sent an out-of-state lobbyist to the committee hearing to testify in support of this reckless legislation. Alongside our allies in law enforcement, we offered testimony against this outrageous corporate gun lobby bill.

This bill could be heading for a committee vote soon, so look out for actions alerts for when your voice will make the most difference.

Catch up on all the bills: For a complete list of the good and bad bills we are tracking --  including proposals for Stand Your Ground/Shoot-First (HB 228), Permitless Carry (HB201 and SB142), Guns in the Statehouse (SB122), and Military Carry (SB81) -- visit www.ohioceasefire.org/issues 

And as always, keep an eye out for our action alerts for when your voice will make the most impact.


Jennifer Thorne, Executive Director
Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence