An American Medical Association Update: Gun Violence: Firearm Safety and Suicide Prevention

Feb 26 2023

Emmy Betz, MD, MPH, professor of emergency medicine and director of the “Firearm Injury Prevention Initiative,” University of Colorado School of Medicine, speaks on firearm…

A report on mass killings in the U.S.: Mass killing database: Revealing trends, details and anguish of every US event since 2006

Feb 19 2023

A 2022 report, updated this month, explores the number of mass killings in our country. The analysis of this joint report between the Associated Press,…

Dissatisfaction with Current U.S. Gun Laws Hits a New High, Poll Shows

Feb 16 2023

A new Gallup Poll finds 63% of respondents are not happy with our nation’s gun laws and policies. In fact, both Republicans and Democrats survey…

A retired editorial director of the Cleveland Plain Dealer asks “Why are our elected leaders so blind to the scourge of gun deaths?”

Feb 12 2023

Brent Larkin writes in an opinion piece: “Daily gun deaths have turned the United States into a killing field, a country far more dangerous than…

Preventing Gun Violence & Reducing Trauma in the United States

Feb 07 2023

As National Gun Violence Survivor’s Awareness Week 2023 comes to a close today, sadly the trauma doesn’t end. Learn more about how to reduce trauma…

Trauma Surgeon/Gun Violence Prevention Researcher states: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Are a Greater Health Threat Than Mass Shootings

Feb 05 2023

Brian H. Williams, MD, states stand your ground laws “must be repealed.” He cites a report updated and published in 2023, The Science of Gun…

Pain and Anguish of Gun Violence

Jan 31 2023

“We sat in our cafeteria crying, wondering what is happening to our community, what is happening to our students and what’s happening to us.” There…

New video explores dangers of permitless carry

Jan 25 2023

A new video has been released, explaining the dangers of Permitless Carry. GVPedia says “States that pass a Permitless Carry law suffer from a 22%…

Illinois has joined with 8 other states and the District of Columbia in prohibiting the sale or possession of assault weapons

Jan 11 2023

Just months after the mass shooting which killed seven people at a 4th of July parade in a Chicago suburb, the state’s Governor J.B. Pritzker…

Numbers show a reduction in gun violence deaths and injuries in Ohio in 2022 compared to 2021

Jan 02 2023

An article by The Trace, Gun Violence in 2022, By The Numbers, further explores the reduction in firearm deaths (excluding suicides) across the country in…

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