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Action Alert: #ActwithCourage to #EndGunViolence

On October 1, we witnessed yet another horrific mass shooting, this time at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon. In the wake of that tragedy, we've seen a renewed outpouring of support in Ohio for common sense gun regulations. More and more Ohioans have come to realize that the gun lobby backed proposals would do nothing to make us safer and are letting their voices be heard!

GVP Report 10.13.15: This is something we should politicize

Legislative Update: #ActWithCourage

What's happening federally?

Action Alert: Guns Everywhere VOTE on Wednesday

In the wake of the tragic shooting in Oregon, the gun lobby is pushing for more hidden, loaded weapons in our public spaces.  They are exploiting the myth that gun free zones are "vulnerable spaces," which they continue to perpetuate despite all credible evidence to the contrary.

Action Alert: #HonorWithAction for Roseburg


The shooting at Umpqua Community College today is every parent’s and community's greatest fear and nightmare. Our hearts are crushed for the Roseburg community. Tragically, we know from too much experience that the horror of this shooting has yet to truly set in. But the victims and survivors and their families, friends and entire community will be forever changed.

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