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05.05.15 Legislative Update

Four bills in the House State Government committee are up for sponsor testimony this week: HBs 20, 35, 48, 152.  Thanks to your support, we're able to attend the meetings in person and keep you in the loop.

04.28.15 Newsletter: What does gun violence really cost?

04.22.15 Legislative Update: A Gift for the Gun Lobby

In case you missed it, a second no permit concealed carry bill was introduced in the Ohio house last week. To recap, no permit concealed carry takes away the need to obtain a license or have any training, allowing anyone over 21 who can legally own a gun to carry a hidden, loaded weapon. That's bad for our public safety and wrong for Ohio.

04.08.15 Legislative Update: No Permit Concealed Carry

Spring is in the air! But that hasn't stopped yet another dangerous gun bill from being introduced in the legislature. In fact, HB 147 was introduced just yesterday and would fundamentally alter the way concealed handguns are regulated in Ohio. The media is buzzing about this controversial bill. We'll keep you informed of when this and other important bills are scheduled for hearings with action alerts, so you can make the most of your voice!

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