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The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence

Sunday, September 25, artists and activists are banding together for the Concert Across America to End Gun Violence with a series of live concerts that will be connected together by social media.

Regarding Open Carry and Ohio's Gun Laws

Here's some background on Ohio laws and why we're in this mess at the Convention this week.

Why Ohio is considered an "open carry" state:

Ohio Sit-In to #DisarmHate


OCAGV Statement on Mass Shooting Spree in Pike County, Ohio

Today at least 5 children, including a six-month old and five-day-old infant were murdered in Pike County. Our hearts are ripped apart for these innocent lives taken by gun violence.

Gun Crazy

Today our affiliate States United to Prevent Gun Violence launched a new PSA campaign "Gun Crazy," to highlight how America's gun obsessed culture and easy access to firearms lead to deadly results.

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