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The Corporate Gun Lobby's Federal Agenda

Trump and allies push to repeal Gun-Free Schools Zones Act of 1990. Remember when Betsy DeVos was still just Trump's nominee for Education Secretary and she claimed teachers needed guns to defend against grizzly bears?

Ohio's New Gun Law, What You Can Do

Ohio's Guns Everywhere bill (SB199) officially goes into effect at midnight on March 21, 2017.

Every day, 22 U.S. veterans die from suicide

Every day, 22 U.S. veterans die from suicide -- this rate is double that of the U.S. civilian population. And the majority of those suicides are completed with firearms.

Tell the US Senate NO


Stop Sessions and DeVos

The gun lobby is working hard to influence your elected officials to confirm Jeff Sessions to Attorney General. They know that he will promote their extremist agenda and support reckless gun policies that would jeopardize the safety of many at-risk communities in this country.

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