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Action Alert: 'Guns Everywhere' Hearing Wednesday

Maag has also indicated that he might introduce a substitute bill during the hearing that combines this irresponsible bill with reckless provisions from several other bad bills, including a bill that would allow for no-permit concealed carry.

*Take 30 seconds now and click here to sign our petition to stop the fast tracking of gun lobby bills and demand hearings on universal background checks!

Will you be #WearingOrange?

More people die from guns than motor vehicles in Ohio. And all too often, our elected officials have misguided priorities when it comes to gun violence prevention.

But your voice makes a difference! On June 2, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, along with over 120 other groups, 50 mayors, and 25 cultural influencers are pledging to wear orange to honor the lives of those lost to gun violence.

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Action Alert: Demand Hearings on Common Sense Regulations

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